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RoboCopy is a Microsoft command-line tool for copying files and folders. It is very fast, fault-tolerant, and has dozens of parameters to customize the copy process, such as filtering by name, attributes, synchronizing folders, etc. Easy RoboCopy is a graphical user interface (GUI) for RoboCopy. It shows all the options on one form with descriptive names and tooltip help. As options are selected, the corresponding command line is shown and may be executed directly or saved to a batch file. Run the program and click the help button for more information.

Windows Vista and 2008 Server come with a copy of robocopy.exe (version XP027) that only runs in those operating systems. For older versions of Windows, like XP and 2003 Server, Easy RoboCopy installs the previous version of robocopy.exe (XP026). Any arguments that require a specific version are color-coded in the interface.

This tool is portable, meaning that it can be run without installation, such as from a memory stick. See the readme file for instructions.
Fixed tab order
Fixed crash upon maximizing window
Added ability to drop file/folder names on all file/folder fields
Added Execute command to file menu
Added the ability to resize the form for smaller screens
Fixed robocopy.exe not getting installed
Added option to save settings to an INI file (default) instead of the registry for portability.
Browse buttons now start browsing at the previously selected folder
Added dropdown lists with a history of the last 10 source/dest folders
Multithreading mode conflicts now only display when Execute button is pressed.
Fixed Move Files/Folders option that never was applied.
Fixed Show In Console option that shouldn't have been applied unless a logfile was specified.
Added multithreading parameter for Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.
Added quotes around dropped filenames.
Auto sets source folder when files are dropped.
Added minimize button.
Changed File | Clear shortcut to not conflict with Copy to Clipboard.
Fixed incorrect tooltips.
Dropping files now shows the filename(s) without paths.
Updated robocopy.doc to include XP26 and XP27 parameters
Added quotes to log parameters when needed.
Fixed string parameter format.
1.0.0 beta
Original Release